Welcome to Flamingo Fitness for Females

In our female only environment, you’ll be totally comfortable working out with us, no matter what shape, size or age you are – or you think you are!  Our timetable offers a range of classes including sessions especially tailored for women who have never exercised before or who feel self conscious about exercising in a mixed environment.

What can Flamingo Fitness offer you?

The complete package

The complete package – fitness, classes and ‘lifestyles personal training’

A fitness for females

Fun, friendly, non-intimidating workout environment

Best choice for Ballymena

A wide choice of classes, probably the best in the Ballymena area

Personal Trainers

All the help, motivation, care and attention to help you achieve your personal goal

Beauty Treatments

Flamingo Beauty Salon with a full range of treatments

Pay as you Go!

No need to join because you can Pay As You Go! for Classes, Gym and Personal Trainings

Deals Deals Deals

We have great membership deals and we’re always comparing against our competitors to ensure you get the best deals from us.

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