Classes and Workouts

Get moving with our exercise classes

No matter what style of class you are looking for, our experienced instructors offer exercise classes for everyone.


Kettlebell Workout

Shaping the abs, while improving balance and posture.


TRX & Tone

45mins of total body workout!


Circuit training

An excellent way to simultaneously improve mobility, strength and stamina.



A class using barbells and adjustable weights to tone and condition muscles while raising metabolic rate for rapid fat burning.



It does what it say’s



High power + fat burning!



Famous for developing strength, flexibility and co-ordination, not to mention flat Ab’s – pilates is appreciated by everyone from elite athletes to seniors.



Don’t let the experience of other spin classes deter you – our Keiser Bikes give you Maximum comfort & workout.


ZUMBA Fitness

The Revolutionary, dance inspired (samba/salsa) total body, fat-burning workout.


Sweat Box

Elite Small Group Training with Andrew Barr

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